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Sanderuile is a passionate company in rapid development, being committed to the development, production and sale of draft beer. It is positioned the country's largest beer production base;
We are committed to the business philosophy of helping customers and employees to be more successful, and making the society more beautiful. They regard the success of the employees as the foundation for the company to achieve success, creating the success of the company through the success of employees, and creating more space for development and a platform of entrepreneurship for employees. An enterprise is essentially a place where people can collaborate together. The staff obtaining remuneration through labor is only a superficial phenomenon. In essence, it is to realize the dreams in mind and successes in life, and to achieve a more beautiful life!  
Therefore, the true mission of enterprises is to help people to create more successful and happier lives. Such happiness should be both material and spiritual. So, how can we be more successful? The answer is to tap the potentials of people, which is infinite. As long as they can give play to their potentials, their life will be more successful. The greatest impact on exerting our potentials is our habits and way of thinking.
The company launched the “Rising Dragon Action” campaign, in hope of subtly changing the way of thinking and behaviors of employees at work through training, super powerful incentives and a reasonable remuneration mechanism, thus planting the genes of success. Another initiative of the company is to build an enterprising platform for talented employees; namely, to implement the project system internally; independent accounting is implemented for each project; the backbones of projects will be offered the shares of the company, and enjoy sales commissions and profit sharing, so that they can truly make new undertakings with guarantees. The backbones of projects are those employees who have abilities and passion. The company has injected corporate culture, training and the incentive system into each project to ensure the success of the projects.
The company has purchased advanced production equipment. Our mission is to win the first place in the country in three years,and strive to be listed in the stock market in 2018. 

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Qingdao Sanderuile Beer Equipment CO., Ltd.
Contact: Manager Wang
Add:South of Yinhe Road, West of Fuqiang Road, Wali Community, Liuting Street, Chengyang District, Qingdao,China



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